The history of Horseshoe Bay Farms reads like a good novel. Great characters traveling through time, interacting with a unique piece of property. Successes, tragedies, hardships overcome, all providing many surprises along the way. The constant: the deep abiding love the owners and workers had for the property from generation to generation, and the pride the residents of Door County felt in this amazing place.

Hamilton Company Sawmill; Circa 1880's

The Early Days

The Hamilton Company bankrupted due to speculating on the price of ice they had cut during the winter. They held the ice in storage too long, causing it to melt as their business dissolved.

Horseshoe Bay Farms; Farm 2; Circa 1950's

Horseshoe Bay Farms

When Frank Murphy took full title to the farms in 1925, he renamed the property after its location …Horseshoe Bay.

Vintage UFG Boat

United Fruit Growers Company

The first venture on the land was a development initiative to sell summer cottages and build a private golf club. 

HB Golf Club: Hole 2

Horseshoe Bay Farms Development

Descendants of Frank Murphy push ahead with his dream of a great development and a top flight golf course.

Barn Construction Hen house

Murphy Farms

Farm operations began under 2 UFGC Board members from the Murphy family. Hence the initial naming of the Farm.

The Players

Meet the owners over the life of the farms and some of the people who worked and managed the farms.