Today’s Farm

Birdseye View 2013

Horseshoe Bay Farms is no longer operating, but many of the Farm I buildings remain standing tall and proud including 5 barns, 5 farm out buildings, the original mortared stone walls, 5 farm houses and 3 garages. All  farm buildings are in remarkably good condition, having been maintained about 12 years ago. Four of the five farm house are also in remarkably good condition, with 3 of the houses under rental agreements.

Farm artifacts including Dr. Robert Cowles 1927 Seagrave fire truck are safely tucked away in the barns.

Horseshoe Bay Property Management, a grounds and building maintenance business, leases one of the barns for their business and maintains the Farm I property  and buildings as part of their lease agreement.

The property has been used for annual Egg Harbor Historical Society picnics and is an often used site for wedding pictures.

In May of 2012, the Farm structures and Farm Houses were placed on the National Historic Register as a historic district, for several notable reasons:

  • The property was recognized for it’s historical significance as a major farm operation in Wisconsin, including a breeding farm for Holstein-Friesian pure bred stock and for their orchard operations.
  • The property was recognized for it’s historical significance as a very large intact farm complex that contains both historic agricultural buildings and 5 houses designed to house farm personnel.