Welcome to version I of the Horseshoe Bay Farms website, launched in February, 2015.

The website is focused on presenting the history of the Horseshoe Bay Farms property, and bringing the story to life with a host of pictures, videos, and dialogue from those who have stories to share.

This first version of the website includes primarily static information. Subsequent versions will become more interactive and social. 

Horseshoe Bay Farms is a historic property in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. The farm structures and surrounding land (approx 9 acres) were recently purchased by Horseshoe Bay Farm, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The ‘Great Horseshoe Bay Farms of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin’, as the local press and community referred to this landmark farm for decades has a storied past.



Enjoy the history of this iconic property. Review the beauty of its architecture and place as it evolved over many decades.



Embrace the farm values conveyed through stories from descendants of families who lived and worked on the Farm.

Today’s Farm

View the Farm as it exists today, reasonably well maintained and standing proud after almost 100 years.

Master Plan

Preview the Master Plan for preserving and repurposing the Farm into a special Door County landmark.